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Official GreekTV Webpage

Here you can find information about the GreekTV apps on Roku and elsewhere as well as some Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you ?

I am a programmer. I moved to Canada some time ago, and was trying to get Public Greek Channels to watch, so I made an app for this.

Can I watch PayTV?

Everything in the app is publicly available. You will not find NOVA or paytv here, just publiclly available channels. Full list of channels currently available at this moment is at :

Where do you get all those channels ?

This is the main source of the channels, a public list on github : 

Can I add my channel ?

To add your channel, please create a new issue in github : 

I dont want my channel in your line up

Please create an issue on github, as this is where the list is coming from.
Your channel will be removed a few minutes later

How can I watch Greek TV online

There are plenty of ways to watch. This particular website is about GreekTV in the Roku. You can search for the channel in the Roku channel search interface.
Here are the direct links to add this channel to your Roku : 
Greek TV Lite US (Only in US - Free - Ad Supported)
Greek TV Lite (Only in Canada & UK - Free - Ad Supported)
GreekTV - (US &Canada - $1.99)

What is a Roku

Roku players, branded simply as Roku are a series of online media players manufactured by the American company Roku.
Here is a list of players if you want to purchase one :

What is the difference between free and paid

Ads and gui enhancements

Are you making lots of money ?

No, I am doing this just to pay the server expenses. There is a system behind all this, checking dead channels etc, server hosting and other technical things that cost $$.

How do I know if a channel will work for me without installing the roku app

Visit this page. If the channel is there, Green, for your country (for example CA,US,GR,IE) and is not youtube, it will be most likely available. There is a scoring system and a regular check that modifies this list regularly. You can try opening the links in the list using a player like VLC

How can I contact you

You are welcome to join my public telegram channel :
This is the only place that you can find me. Used to have a facebook group but facebook decided to close it.

Why my Roku player doesnt play all those youtube channels I see in the status page

Roku will only play the hls (m3u8) files and the mp4 files. nothing else - for now! This is a software/hardware limitation. Same is for other platforms, like AndroidTV, where you can only link to the youtube URL.